The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative


The Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE) Program builds regional capabilities in response to the threat of toxic industrial chemicals, biological agents, radiological and nuclear materials out of regulatory control, or explosives being used as a weapon of mass destruction by terrorists.

The impact of a CBRNE event would pose significant consequences to the region. Cooperation between local, state, and federal first responders and officials is paramount when trying to plan for or prevent an event of this magnitude.  Individual agencies need the necessary funding to participate in the development of regional policies and procedures, purchase and distribute standardized equipment, and participate in training and exercises.

To guide the development of this program, the Bay Area UASI conducted regional gap analyses and assessments. The Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection (PRND) Program leads detection and interdiction efforts on both land and water.  Additionally, hazardous material and explosive ordnance disposal teams have been provided specialized detection and response equipment. Full scale exercises help identify strengths and areas for improvement and training classes are provided to close capability gaps.

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