The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Catastrophic Planning

The Catastrophic Planning Program develops plans to manage and mitigate the effects of large-scale disasters throughout the Bay Area.

Catastrophic events overwhelm local and regional emergency response capabilities. Support from not only other government agencies but non-profit and private sector organizations is needed to affect the long term recovery of both communities and their economies. Working collaboratively, jurisdictions must develop comprehensive regional plans to identify gaps, prioritize needs, and leverage resources to foster greater resiliency.

To prepare for a large-scale disaster, the Bay Area Emergency Management workgroup was formed. Since its inception, workgroup has developed a series of plans, toolkits, templates, and trainings and exercises designed to assist local Emergency Managers.

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Working Group

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The C-POD Planning Toolkit provides many resources to begin planning for your Commodity Points of Distribution, sites where the public will go to pick up supplies in during interruptions to regular...

The Get Ready 5th Grade Bay Area (GR5) program is taking the first steps in changing our youth’s
perceived vulnerabilities to disasters. The GR5 curriculum engages the students in a classroom setting with
a 1-hour lesson covering a variety of emergency and disaster...
This document was created to provide Bay Area stakeholders with a planning guide and a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) template for planning a Large Special Event (LSE). It is intended to serve as a bridge between the high level intent and planning...

The Regional Emergency Coordination Plan (RECP) provides an all-hazards framework for collaboration among responsible entities and coordination during emergencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The RECP defines procedures for regional coordination, collaboration, decision-making, and resource...

Disaster Recovery Framework

This document is a template for the purpose of assisting local governments to develop their own Disaster Recovery Framework (DRF) and Recovery Support Function (RSF) Guide. This template represents the beginning of a planning process in the development of the...

Plans, guides, and companion materials designed for catastrophic planning on the following subjects:



Debris Removal

Donations Management