The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Lloyd Shand

Emergency Services Coordinator

As the Emergency Services Coordinator, Mr. Lloyd Shand serves as office administrator for the Bay Area UASI Management Team. He is responsible for supporting all Approval Authority (AA) meetings, updating the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), and assisting UASI Program Managers in their day to day duties.

In addition to his normal responsibilities, Lloyd actively volunteers for extra assignments within the Department of Emergency Management and has been deployed to several Emergency Operations Center activations, including: the Kincade Fire, Superbowl LIII 2019, and is currently supporting the COVID-19 activation at the City’s Emergency Operations Center. Mr. Shand has also been assisting the Joint Information Center’s (JIC) Public Information Officer (PIO) and the SF Fire Department in staging training events as well as participating in a citywide, full-scale military, State and Local exercise during Fleet Week. He has a background in military aviation and law enforcement. 

Mr. Shand holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Safety and Emergency Management from Grand Canyon University and possesses a certificate in Architectural Drafting Design from Carrington College. Mr. Shand loves spending time with his family and encouraging his girls to be extraordinary in all that they do.