The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Philip White

Regional Project Manager

Philip White, Fire Chief Ret. has over 38 years of experience as a first responder.  Chief White first began his career as an EMS providers caring for the sick and injured functioning first in the capacity of an EMT, then later as a paramedic, preceptor, supervisor, manager, educator and then as a subject matter expert for the Central California EMS Authority.
In 1982 he joined the South San Francisco Fire Department responding to fire, rescue, hazmat, maritime and other emergencies serving initially as a paramedic/firefighter, then later as a fire captain, fire battalion chief, fire marshal, deputy fire chief and fire chief with a focus on emergency response, special operations and consequence management.  
During his fire service career, Chief White was responsible for the development and implementation of numerous department policies, procedures and programs including local amendments to the California Fire Code and promoting legislative relief to fire departments statewide in the form of  reimbursements for costs incurred as a result of their responsibility  to respond to railroad incidents involving the the transportation of hazardous materials.  He was also successful in the procurement of required funds for new fire department facilities, vehicles, boats and/or equipment to ensure the South San Francisco Fire Department and its partners in San Mateo County and the San Francisco Bay Region would remain mission capable in the “all-risk” environment of the post 9-11 era.  Chief White is also the author of the San Francisco Bay Area Maritime Fire, Rescue and EMS Automatic Aid Agreement.
In addition to his experience as a first responder, Chief White has over 35 years of experience developing, implementing and managing training programs for EMS, fire  service, private industry, law enforcement the military and special operations groups.  A sample of the training subjects he has presented include, EMT, advanced cardiac life support, pre-hospital trauma life support, tactical combat casualty care, technical rescue, urban search & rescue, structural and wildland firefighting, hazardous materials and CBRNE response.  Chief White is a California State Fire Marshal certified Master Fire Instructor and holds fully satisfied instructor credentials issued by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges in the subject matter areas of “Fire Science” and “Health and Physiological Care Services and Related Technologies”.
As a member of FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Team CATF-3 (Menlo Park) he served initially in the capacity of medical specialist, incident support team member then later as a plans team manager with deployments to Hurricane Iniki, Northridge Earthquake, World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina.  
Chief White most recently has been involved in the planning and coordinating of multi-disciplinary, performance based training and evaluation exercises that incorporate the guiding principles of the National Response Framework DHS Target Capabilities List, SIMS and ICS to assist local, regional and international tactical teams, first responders as well as FEMA Urban Search & Rescue teams prepare for and to be able to provide a unified response to disasters, technological incidents and terrorist attacks.